VC Lawyers is a law firm focused on achieving pragmatic, efficient and commercial outcomes for its clients.

Our core belief is that our success in providing a legal service is measured by the positive impact we have on you, your relationship with others and your business. Our advice is practical, direct and in plain English.

We are a boutique firm offering a rare personal touch and responsiveness seldom found in larger and more impersonal legal offices whilst providing you with a specialised knowledge and expertise in the areas of law we provide.

To date our clients have included prominent Australian companies, lending institutions, governmental organisations, minority and community groups, associations and individuals.

Our extensive experience has taught us to continually adapt in order to meet our clients' need whilst retaining our honest and down to earth approach. We appreciate that in today's competitive environment an added service is required for both you and our own business to excel. This is how we believe strong relationships are fostered and maintained. It is with our integrity, honesty and hardworking approach that ensures our highest standards of performance.

Our belief is that each client has its own needs, objectives and concerns. Rather than provide a "one-size fits all" approach we are committed to understanding you and tackling your issue to tailor it to your needs.

We appreciate that all matters and disputes may be dealt with in a different way and which may result in a more cost effective and less adversarial outcome. In this regard, our firm's principal is also an accredited mediator who is able to provide you, the client, with specialised mediation services as an alternate dispute resolution mechanism as opposed to the more costly litigation court process, if your needs require. We acknowledge, however, that sometimes the court process may be inevitable, in which case our firm is well equipped to strongly represent your interests.

Being a boutique legal firm ultimately saves you the cost of a larger law firm's huge overheads whilst not compromising on superior quality of work, expertise and professional service.

If you have any legal issues we would be most happy to assist you.

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