Mediation & Dispute Resolution

As the costs of litigation continue to increase, VC Lawyers offers a unique service in mediation as an alternative to expensive and lengthy court hearings.

Mediation is a process which is aimed at reaching a voluntary agreement between disputing parties, and is often the best way of salvaging relationships, both business and personal.

The mediator does not act as a judge to decide how the parties should resolve their dispute, but rather acts as a facilitator for effective communication and negotiation. At the end of the process, any agreement which is reached by the parties is binding.

Our internationally accredited mediator will be able to assist you and those you are in conflict with to:

  • Promote understanding of interests, needs and motivations
  • Resolve differences and reach a satisfactory agreement for all parties
  • Enter or return to a viable business relationship
  • Return promptly to their core business responsibilities
  • Where possible, avoid costly litigation and ongoing disputes

We will ensure that the client retains control of the mediation process and is instrumental in deciding the outcome.

VC Lawyers offers mediation services in a broad range of areas including:

  • Employment and industrial relations
  • Property
  • Estates and wills
  • Corporate and commercial

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