Wills, Probate, Estate Planning & Family Provision Act claims

Proper estate planning, is more than simply making a Will, though this is an integral part of it.

Our aim at VC Lawyers is to provide you with outcomes that allow you to ultimately protect or transfer your family assets in a manner that is tax effective, and which avoids the trauma and cost of litigation that may accompany the death of a loved one.

When should I consider estate planning?

Estate planning should be regularly evaluated as a person’s assets and interests will constantly change throughout their lives. Whenever a significant event occurs, a person’s estate must be reviewed and a new Will made if required.

Examples of events that may trigger a change to your estate planning are:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Acquisition of a new major asset
  • Starting up or finishing of a business
  • Acquisition of a superannuation or life policy
  • Children marry spouses who are thought to be undesirable
  • Marriage of children appears shaky
  • Insolvency is imminent
  • Tax laws are changed
  • A discretionary trust is established

Our services in this area include:

  • Drafting well planned Wills
  • Establishment of trusts
  • Advice on risk management and asset protection techniques designed to reduce the negative impacts of divorce, bankruptcy or death
  • Advice on asset transfer to minimise the impact of capital gains or income tax
  • Probate applications and administration of estates
  • Powers of attorney (both enduring and medical powers of attorney)
  • Executorial and trustee services

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